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Title Speaker Date
The Sorrows of Mary Fr. Newman 2018-03-23
Cardinal Virtues - Temperance Fr. Baumberger 2018-03-16
Cardinal Virtues - Fortitude Fr. Krug 2018-03-10
Cardinal Virtues - Prudence Fr. Fantz 2018-02-23
Cardinal Virtues - Justice Fr. Baumberger 2018-02-17
033117_Fr_Newman Fr. Newman 2017-03-31
032517_Fr_Buckley Fr. Buckley 2017-03-25
031717_Fr_Curatolo Fr. Curatolo 2017-03-17
031017_Fr_Baumberger Fr. Baumberger 2017-03-12
032015_Fr_Baumberger Fr. Baumberger 2015-03-20
031315_Fr_Carroll Fr. Carroll 2015-03-13
022715_Bp_Santay Bp Santay 2015-02-27
022015_Fr_Baumberger_e Fr. Baumberger 2015-02-20
Seven Sorrows Fr. Baumberger 2013-03-24
I Thist Bp Santay 2013-03-15
Gethsemane Fr. Baumberger 2013-03-08
Christ hath delivered himself for us... Fr. Newman 2013-02-22
Heart of Jesus loaded with opprobrium Fr. Carroll 2013-02-13
Seven Sorrows of Our Lady Fr. Baumberger 2012-03-30
Behold your King Fr. Baumberger 2012-03-23
Mother of Sorrows Bp Santay 2012-03-16
Agony in the Garden Fr. Curatolo 2012-03-09
Fasting Fr. Baumberger 2012-02-24
And there stood at the foot of the Cross Mary His Mother Fr. Baumberger 2011-04-15
This day thou shall be with Me in Paradise Fr. Baumberger 2011-04-08
032511_Fr_Baumberger Fr. Baumberger 2011-03-25
Lenten Friday 2011 Bp Santay 2011-03-18
Remember man thou art dust... Fr. Baumberger 2011-03-11
Mother of Sorrows Fr. Baumberger 2010-03-26
At the Foot of the Cross stood his Mother Fr. Baumberger 2009-03-27
He who betrayed Him Fr. Baumberger 2009-03-20
A Man of Sorrows Fr. Baumberger 2009-03-09
And rising up He came to His Father Fr. Curatolo 2009-02-27
Scourging at the Pillar Fr. Baumberger 2007-03-23
The First Two of the Seven Last Words of Christ Fr. Greenwell 2007-03-09
Agony in the Garden Fr. Baumberger 2007-02-23

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